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Welcome to my studio. My name is Noa and I'm an artist which deals and design personal and physical sculpting. My academic education have been acquired at the art departments of Shenkar and Bezalel, focusing on making replicas of human organs. My daily artistic activity is surrounding mainly around the male sex organ.


If you feel like giving yourself or to your lover a romantic and unforgettable gift, contact me and we will arrange a fun and once in a life time experience with or without your partner, in which in its end you'll get a replica of your own penis. if you are looking to to give from yourself a special and remarkable gift to the one you love so much, or if the thought of having an exact replica from your own penis causing you an excitement, contact with me and we'll start to do the magic.   



A lot of you must wonder, Why choose little ol' me to create the perfect replica of your junk ;) What is the difference between what i do and some other products out there?

Well. Here are a few reasons why you should choose me over some random willie...


  • Penises differ in their shapes and sizes.

  • I fit the mould to the shape of your penis to make sure we will get the best and finest result.

  • I work fast. You won't need to hold an erection for long Working times and setting conditions of these materials are tricky to. My specialty is dealing with these professional materials!

  • I make the dildo from the highest quality platinum cure silicone rudder.

  • I make a high-end, quality product.

  • The process itself is safe and the materials are body safe.

  • The process is clean! No mess, No problems.

  • I can even add a few inches ;)

  • I can match your dildo to a strap-on or make any kind of adjustments you’ll ask me to make.

  • Aside from the perfect dildo you'll receive, it's going to be an amazing experience you'll remember forever. I'm super awesome and fun!!!

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