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I specialise in lifecasting, which is the process of creating a three-dimensional replica of a living human body. This means, that I can create an exact replica for any organ in the body, making an incredible cast out of it.


Do you sometimes look at the hands of your little child and think how amazing it would have been if you could preserve the memory of this chubby little hand before it grows? Or, How brilliant would it be if you could have an exact impression of your pregnant belly? If you feel like giving yourself or to your friend the unforgettable gift of memorising the moments none of us want to forget, contact me and we will arrange a fun and once in a life time experience.


When we meet, I’ll make a mold out of the body Part you want to perpetuate, and create a cast of your body part, while the final cast can be made almost from anything.

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MA Area  |  +1(914)-483-6970

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