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Hi, It's me, Noa.

Why should you choose me?

 Click here to find out...



Now, after overcoming the confusion, let's get going! The process of making a replica of your Penis is a positively remembered experience by itself, so although not necessary, it is recommended to those who can, to come  accompanied by your partner. Step 1, as shown here, Is a must, and Is done by you at home.


Screenshot at Aug 30 13-44-08.png

Step 1: Shave

Shaving is important because it prevents entanglement of hair with the molding material and prevents painful hair pulling.


You will  be asked to shave the area in advance. For hygienic reasons you will need to shave 1 day before the  appointment.


Shaving includes the groin area, Penis and Testicles.


Screenshot at Aug 30 13-44-36.png

Step 2: Nice meeting you

I know that such a meeting can be a little bit  embarrassing at first.


I invite you to my studio for  coffee and cake.

This will be the time to ask me everything  about the process or about anything you might feel confused or insecure about.

Screenshot at Aug 30 13-44-59.png

Step 3: Pump it up

To receive a copy of an erect penis, you will need to keep it upright  for up to 3 minutes.


In that case, I'll give you time to be with yourself or with your partner so you can bring it to an erect position.


Step 4: Magic time

When you are ready to continue you will call me over with the measured quantities of material I prepared in advance, so we can work quickly. The material that comes in contact with your body is skin safe and crystallises fast. At this point I'll ask you to hold a container to catch the material around your penis. I'll mix the ingredients quickly and pour them into the container. Within 3 minutes the material will crystallise to the consistency of jelly and feel a bit cooler. I will easily and effortlessly remove the container with the jelled material. Gravity will help it slid off. I will pour plaster mixture in the socket shaped penis you have imprinted in the material. That's it! Now you are free to continue with  your day.

Screenshot at Aug 30 13-46-56.png

Step 5: Making your replica

When you leave the studio you will probably be excited and full of anticipation for the replica of your very own penis.


I will start working on creating the memory you want to preserve from the experience; a dildo designed personally of your penis, or any other creative gift you wish I’ll make out of it.


Step 6: Ready!

Just give me up to 10 working days so I can make it as perfect as in real life (or more if you wish)


Handmade by me, your dream gift is ready to be sent to your address in a discrete package.


I am looking forward to hearing from you

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